Where is @Ignatz?

I’ve come back recently to read the Codea Talk, and haven’t seen a post from good @Ignatz. Is he taking a break or something?

His last visit shows as Feb 19th. He must be taking a break.

I’ve moved on, actually. I haven’t done any programming for a year now. Having learned all I could about Codea, I now spend most of my time doing family history research.

Dev burnout

sadly, thats only thing all game devs have in common

@Ignatz Hopefully you’ll pick it up again, out of boredom :wink:

@Ignatz it’s very unfortunate to hear that you moved on to something else, tho I don’t really blame you, and family history is really interesting as well. Since you have “stopped” with Codea, can you post some code of your really complex projects. I’ve read a lot of your blog and I’ve always thought, how did he do that?! You don’t have to, it would just be legendary and help out a lot, thnx!

Yeah, that would be AWSOME! Maybe make like a gist and put a bunch of your unshared finished and not finished stuff too. I would truly be awesome and it should be too hard to do.

Hi @CamelCoder and @EvanDavis, have you guys checked out his blog at Coolcodea . All the code linked in there.

@Bri_G I know, I’ve seen that. In fact, that helped me start out. However, there are some projects that look so cool that he kept to himself (and I don’t blame him, they look like it took him a long time)

I’m not sure I have anything else, but I’ll have a look

@Ignatz, I’ve been away a while and I was wondering where you were as well.

I appreciate you stepping back in to answer the question, and I respect the tone of finality in your announcement.

You did great things here, and you helped a ton of people, including me.

Much gratitude, and best of wishes to you in your new endeavors.

Plus mad props to another Herriman aficionado!

The last time Ignatz checked in was July 21st.

Yes, I really appreciate your work and help @Ignatz. Wish you success in your future endeavours.