where does saveGlobalData() save to?

kind of important for a project I am working on. Is it a file under the app or directly to the device or what?

I’m pretty sure it would be saved in the app

Hmm… There might be a folder or something in the runtime in the wiki?

I agree with Doge on Global data. But you would think saveLocalData and saveProjectData is saved with the project. If you create a project and then save data using save local or project data, that data stays around even if you delete the project. The only way to delete it is to use clear local or project data while in that project. So if you create a lot of projects and save local or project data, then delete those projects, that data is still taking up memory. If you want to try this yourself, create a project, save some local data, read it back and print it to see its there. Then delete the project. Create a project with the same name and do a readLocalData and print it to see its still there. To be sure that it’s gone, clear the data before deleting the project. The only other way to delete local or project data is to delete Codea.

@dave1707, what you said actually makes me think project data is NOT saved with the project

@JakAttak I think it might be saved under a folder with the name of the project, but when the project is deleted, the folder isn’t. So the data just sits there until another project with that same name is created.

@dave1707, interesting. My thinking was that it was all saved together, in an array or a plist, with the key being the project name.

@JakAttak A plist sounds more like it. Just like a plist for dependencies. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t get deleted with the project but it does with clearProjectData.