What Skill level is needed for Codea?

I have not been in programming for 10 years, so I know I am rusty. Like a '58 Chevy in a junkyard is rusty. I have a group of kids that would love to learn about programming iPad apps. I know no one that does it. How high a skill level is needed for Codea? Thank you.

As far as I can tell, the needed skill level is quite low. The Codea environment is somewhat reminescent of the Basic environment of earlier home computers, very experimentation friendly and interactive. Just the presentation of errors leaves something to be desired, but that is surely being worked on.

Not much. In fact, Codea was my kicks tart back into programming after 2 years of non of it.

My only programming experience was some BASIC in high school (1982) and a tiny bit of Pascal in 1986, and I’m having a blast with Codea. I’ve been wanting to dabble in programming, but could never make it through the set-up (installing an IDE, etc.).

With Codea, the barrier to entry is very low and the support here on this forum is fantastic. I worked through the tutorials on the Wiki, stared at the example programs, and asked questions.

I’m still amazed that Codea is simple enough that I’ve been able to create several little programs that I’m very pleased with, and yet complex enough that the advanced programmers are creating shippable apps.

Awesome. Thank you.