What is the most convenient way to code

New to Codea and I like the concept.
(I’ve played with Processing in the past, so I felt right at home even if I still need to get used to Lua a bit better.)

Now what I don’t like very much is typing on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t have a WiFi keyboard.
So I’m wondering, what is the best/most convenient way I can put code into Codea and have the references “at hand”?
I’ve played a bit with the AirCode mode - I like it actually - but it has some issues: As it always executes, it is sometimes quite instable taking Codea out without a trace. On relaunching, and reconnecting, the code changes are quite often lost adding a lot to frustration.
Is there a better way to do it?
A kind of “Air” mode - i.e. typing on the PC - but which doesn’t permanently runs the code at the same time?

@Bejoscha I’ve been using Codea for over 7 years and I only code with the built in keyboard. I can probably key faster with the build in keyboard then on an actual keyboard on a PC. I also find it more convenient sitting on the couch watching TV as I write code.

@dave1707 The typing isn’t so bad, but the cursor-placement and selection handles drive me nuts. I very much like the “cursor left/right” button the UI provides (-what would I give for it in other places!-) but I’m heavily missing a “up/down” cursor for navigation. I guess my fingers are just too thick or my parallax error at sight too big. I never touch things where I want.

My “current” solution is clumsy: Have AirCode on. Type in NotePad++ on my PC. Copy & paste the whole section into AirCode. Bet it doesn’t crash…

@Bejoscha If you use 2 fingers on the on-screen keyboard, you can move the text cursor around like a trackpad. You can even do text selection using this iPad feature. After holding 2 fingers on the keyboard, pause without moving for a short time and it will switch to selection mode. It is a little hard to explain so here is a link to a tutorial.

Also, Codea has a really nice built in multi-line selection feature. On the left side of the text editor there are line numbers. If you double tap the line number and, with out lifting your finger from the second tap, drag your finger up or down you can select multiple lines very quickly.

@exomut: Oh, wow. That’s great actually. Thanks a lot.

And I should possible add: I’ve just seen the AirCodea project here on the forum. This seems to be exactly what I was asking for!