What is Codea Craft?

Cool idea hope I can see it soon

Codea will still get love too though right? :slight_smile:

There’s something I’ve wondered about with Minecraft-like worlds: you can have blocks, and you can have mobs, but can the blocks themselves become mobile?

Can you give a block “sentience” and have it move around like a piglet?

Could you make, say, a big burrowing sandworm out of a huge coordinated group of “sentient” blocks?

Will there be also something like “Clash of Codea” or “Asphalt vCodea” or something else?


Codea is still going to receive plenty of love!

Yes, blocks can have “sentience” and move themselves around. I will eventually add support for interpolation so you can have things like pistons, falling sand and, etc… that move over time. Initially blocks will only be able to transfer themselves instantly between grid points.

For a giant sand worm you would probably make a special ‘brain’ block that coordinates the behaviour of the worm and then it would also create all the ‘flesh’ blocks that surround it, which would be added and removed as it moves around. Generating the shape of the worm wouldn’t be too hard (maybe a bezier curve combined with a voxel-based line drawing tool), although regularly updating the voxels could slow it down (every frame is probably a bit too much). Cool idea, I might try it out!

You can update blocks based on events, such as ticks (regular updates), interaction (the user tapping on them), physics (being touched by an object), being exposed to light, being created or destroyed. These events are exposed as specially named methods within a block’s class, similar to callbacks within Codea (i.e. touched, draw, etc…).

Clash of Codea, now there’s a good idea :wink:

@John we already have a ‘crash of Codea’ thread… :wink:

@Jmv3, I didn’t mean “crash”, I mean “clash”: You have to build houses and attack enemy’s by coding a cheat or coding a very hard enemy. You can also code the heal or any plugin

@TokOut it was a pun :smile:

What’s a pun? And @jmv38, I was searching for crash of Codea and clash of codea → No Results!

@TokOut - Jmv38 was referring to the “what crashes Codea” thread, it was a joke, let’s forget about it now

Oh, I didn’t understood what he meant…

Very cool looking project, can’t wait to try it out!

Will it be free?

when will it come out?

@WlofBoy32, wait they will inform you when it will be ready, a game isn’t created in one day! Maybe it will be in Codea App Store Games-Anouncement

Just wondering - has there been any update on Codea Craft recently???

I’m currently working hard to get it ready for beta release (this is taking a lot longer than I originally though). I’m currently focusing on finishing up key features and also making the API as simple and accessible as possible while maintaining the power to create interesting stuff.

I’ll be posting a sticky with more information in the coming week along with some more videos, screenshots and details.

@John - Can’t wait, I love the concept and I think it’ll be a massive hit!

I have a question: how to download codea craft?

You can’t, it’s not out yet.

Hey guys here’s a progress video featuring some work on integrating Bullet Physics: