What do you all think of having a good old-fashioned competition?

Now that I’ve made a texture pack that uses all the block categories from the original pack, I would love to see all that stuff actually used in the terrain generation.

Cactuses! Biomes! Lava! Different kinds of rocks and gems! Maybe even railroad tracks that automatically connect intelligently! Wow… the possibilities…

But that’s way beyond my skill level.

So I was thinking of sponsoring a good old-fashioned competition, like they did around here in days of yore.

I’d put up, say, $20, to be awarded to the person who could make the best new terrain generator—or best improvement on the existing one—by utilizing as many of the new blocks as possible.

It would be awesome to help Craft use everything that’s been dormant for so long.

Would anyone be up for it?

I suppose I have my answer lol.

@Ubergoober - would love to enter a contest but, nowadays I literally have no time. I struggle to keep up with the threads on Codea and my own projects have slowed right down. Too many external claims on my time.
But, if you can think of a project that the forum members could contribute to, you may find a bit more interest.I posted the Beermat challenge a while ago that ran for a while and pulled in quite a few ideas. Maybe try something like that.

@Bri_G hmmm that’s a really interesting idea. Trying to think of what might be a fun challenge involving terrain generation…

There are so many little things that would make the Craft voxel world more fun to play around with, like better controls, or an actual inventory system, or maybe even cool light-refracting shaders like Minecraft texture packs always use in their promos…

I guess there’s that old map-making puzzle, where you have x number of colors and you have to fill in the map without having the same color on any bordering countries… would be useful maybe for biome generation?

Any thoughts?