Webdea - Make websites on Codea

Hi everyone! Over this year, I was planning on making a non-game app in Codea, and last month at Cerner I was able to do just that. Webdea allows you to drag n’ drop elements onto a work page, and create your own website with no coding experience.

Here is the app in action:




Code: -Note, I was having trouble making the smaller canvas export to a full sized website, sometimes elements will be a few pixels off. -


@Prynok I don’t understand how to install it.

@Saturn031000 Sorry about that, give me a moment to add a better link.

EDIT: Added new link.

@Prynok Now I’m only getting an option to change the bgcolor via a parameter and when I click export I get this error :

Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/indieg7/public_html/webdea.php on line 12

@Saturn I forgot that I turned off exporting to a real website once I was done with the presentation, I will post the code again, as for the bgcolor, I am confused what you are trying to say. The only way you can change the bgcolor is a by a parameter.

EDIT: Fixed the new link.

@Prynok that looks really good, I’m thinking you’ll do quite well if you make your own native interface as codeas sidebar (for me anyway) is just for testing and quick access. I have a sprite picker you can use for the images too if you don’t want to make one yourself. How big do you plan to make this?
Also you can work around pretty much every flaw you mention it’s just nice for it to be simple.

@Luatee I am still working on it, but not full time. I just posted it here to demonstrate how Codea can be used for more than games.


@Prynok I was talking about how the only parameter at the start was bgcolor, and I didn’t realize that you could add things by tapping on the screen. Nice work! But why post this discussion in the examples category?

@Prynok sorry I’m having a little trouble. Can you not move divs by dragging them?

@Staples you can, but you need to swipe it from outside the div.

@Prynok thanks I got it now. I also didn’t see the x and y parameters.

Why are you creating the parameters in draw? This means they are constantly being reset.

@JakAttack That is actually what I wanted! It may have not been the most efficient method, but whenever another parameter changes, it automatically keeps it updated. Though you are correct, it would of been better to make a function or something for them, though it would require a bit more code.

When should you be done with the new version? I got my hopes up to high for a free website creator, I guess waiting for the new version is better than paying for a website…