Way to Code Username/Password?

In Codea, is it possible to have code to check a username/password combination to authencate a user into the app? I don’t know much about servers, but is there a straight-forward/simple way to do this? If this is possible an example would really help me, thanks!

Of course there’s a way, though if you desire any real security it’d be very VERY complex. You’d need to salt the usernames and passwords and convert them to hashes; unfortunately any encryption algorithm you produce would likely be cracked in a matter of minutes. If you just want a simple lock to keep out little siblings and nosy parents, and not military-grade security, then it’d be really easy. So the answer is quite dependent on what you’re looking for

@yoloswag i understand you’re willing to run authentication on a third party server. If so, your code should run on the server thru server side code, such as php, asp or similar. What you need to do within codea is to properly pack the information as @monkeyman suggested before submitting it to the server. If you only need to authenticate a user on your app ( and no server involved ) i guess it could be easier and not exposed to the same risk of sending user+ pwd on to the wire. What would you need an auth server for, other than achievments and leaderboards? Because gamecenter handles this all quite safely.

@deactive I was planning on having the ability to send and receive content from other users like pictures and videos in addition to the authentication.

You can’t play videos in Codea

@YoloSwag then you need a proper web application running on a complex DB structure codea will submit requests to. Also, if sharing files is the aim you should consider files storage, regardless of the file type. ( don’t forget what Ignatz said about videos which are not supported in codea )
Username and password should be both hashed and I’d personally send along an additional token based value that will be validated server side to prevent non codea applications to run the same http request.