I need a little help making my player walk if you know how please tell me how to or if you need my code I will send it to you (this is 3D btw)

Working on it…


You mean a 3D animation? The only ones that have been done in Codea so far were insanely complicated, and used lots of shaders, matrices, buffers, etc.

It seems like the games you have been working on are a bit beyond your current skill set. Maybe try something 2D first?

@SkyTheCoder me and him are working a game and he has PM’d me and I have agreed to help him.

@Toxyn Yes, but nobody in Codea has succeeded in making a true fully working 3D animation with infinite vertices that can be used in games and with great FPS, not even Ignatz, spacemonkey, etc… I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that you could.

@SkyTheCoder he is actually talking about moving the camera forward. XD.

@Toxyn Well, you didn’t say it wasn’t a 3D animation…sorry for misunderstanding.

Wait who, me or him?

@Toxyn Both of you? I’m confused.

XD lets just let this go before we start talking about quarternions

lol, that is about the hardest thing you can do in Codea, unless you cheat and use a set of 2D pictures to simulate 3D walking.

No I want to make the camera move forward not 3D walking XD

just change the Z,Y,X and look Z,Y,X values on the translation used for your camera further into the direction you wish to camera to move?

More info? Please

@TeamSuperCraft Can you just read the documentation on camera()?

Thanks this might help