Wait—can’t move *any* assets to Project storage?

I had this problem with .obj files but I thought it was just a weirdness about.obj files, but now…

…I know for a fact I used to be able to move art files from Dropbox and documents to local project storage… I mean, I think I do… I’m getting older but I swear I remember moving art files from my old projects back and forth between these folders all the time.

Now the local project doesn’t show up as a destination after tapping “Add to” anymore, apparently for files of any kind. Is this on purpose? Oh say it ain’t so!

Sounds like a bug. I’ve just merged some changes relating to asset picking in the latest beta, so I’ll look into it

honestly you don’t want to move all assets into the project because it effects the performance of the editor

@skar Agreed, I’ve had issues recently (and many crashes) attempting to include the ~60MB of WebR library directly in the ‘R’ project. (Currently WebR is loaded from the internet on every run)

I have a feeling this is more down to the number of files rather than the size of them though.

@skar you have to put assets in your project when you post it on the forums or send it to WebRepo. If the assets aren’t in the project, the project won’t run.

But regardless, the point is that it’s a feature that used to exist and seems to have been excluded from current builds, and as @sim notes that seems like an oversight.

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yes true that you need to package the assets with the project for convenience but once it’s all in an xcode app then there’s no fuss anymore IMO, work the way you think is best and keep your options open

Should be fixed in the latest beta

Thanks @sim! Nice one. A great relief.

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