Voxel shader engine- code released


Might be releasing this soon… Look, there it is

That looks really spectacular, @KMEB

I love the little spherical directional controller, too.

On my iPad 2, can go up to 128 shaded cubes without the frames per second going under 58 as well thanks to a nifty trick it uses! :wink:
The fact that it’s an isometric projection definitley helps, though

That’s lovely. An elegant demonstration of what looks to be a very nice tool. Giant kudos.


Once I finish cleaning up the code (it’s functional but full of crud… Lines of code I turned of by commenting them, poorly tabbed arrays, that stuff) ill release this. Although I’m keeping that controller renderer for myself :wink:

Looks awesome! What does voxel mean?

@ruilov “voxel” is short for “volumetric pixel.” It’s basically used to describe any 3D system that renders its data as a grid of cubes. E.g., Minecraft would probably qualify as voxel-based for its terrain (though its animals and characters move outside the grid).

Wiki has more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voxel

@KMEB Wow, that looks amazing!

The colours and the flashing ball remind me of EDGE. Was that an inspiration?

Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:

@frosty it just flashs in the second example because it is setting the fill color randomly. I did that to demonstrate that the shader wasn’t limited to white.


Now added second voxel type, which is far more imperfect, but can be easily generated in mass quantities at arbitrary angles. Good for, say, a character or dynamic object.

Time for an updated version of “knight lore” and “Alien8” :slight_smile:
Fantastic bit of work well done

This is a great job…do you realize that this can be the first step to deploy a voxel studio like this:

am i dreaming? XD

but you can also create a sword & sworcery prototype with strong simplicity or turn it to a real procedural voxel forest :]

@juaxix - Nice idea , but I think this is highly unlikely with Codeas current 3d architecture (Simeon?). I suspect the resolution of the voxel grid needs to be incredibly high to catch such fine detail as well as being able to render it in real time at a reasonable frame rate would be an issue I guess.

Yeah, the iPad just doesn’t have the memory to do high density voxel systems. Even the most efficient of them often go over three gigabytes


I am talking about prototypes, think in terms of a big challenge to take or not…
you dont need great resolution, only the basics for a little engine :slight_smile:
@KMEB thanks for sharing, the 3D pad controller would be cool also…

Nope, that little gizmo is mine! >:)
It’s actually pretty simple to use, it’s only three ellipses and a rotate transform. :stuck_out_tongue: