Voxel player

Okay so I am working with the voxel player but the blocks that go into the hot bar is to large to fit in the box any ideas on what is causing this?

Thanks Pac

For a great question it’s always great to introduce some code, show what you did, what youve tried.

I did nothing I want to use voxels but the problem is that the pictures don’t in the hot bar

So for code it is just the default voxel player

Just take a look and see the problem

@pac I tried the Voxel Player on several iPads and I don’t have that problem. I have 7 squares to place the boxes in. Looks like you only have 3 squares. What device and codea version are you using.

I am running it on my iPhone and it is the most recent version of Codea.

I am stupid I reset the demos and it all went back to working.

Okay thanks

Okay very mind It worked once then it went right back to it. Very strange

@pac @Simeon will have to look into that problem.


@pac looks like a problem with that example project on iPhone. We need to update it to handle the small screen size better

Okay please post here when you have done that or please post code of how I could change mine to work.

Thanks Pac