VGAToRGBColorConverter (convert VGA to RGB sprites)

For anyone else that might be searching for a way to convert older sprites that used VGA color template codes to their corresponding newer RGB color codes, I made this utility that might help. The impetus came from my wanting to use some sprites made from a retro Stranger Things game in another application and learned that the retro-spites used VGA color palate codes which are a single byte and not separate R,G, and B values that engines like Codea’s use. I ended up having to install Qbasic and create a small demo program where I set the screen to VGA (Screen 13H) and iterating over the VGA standard palate and read the VGA color RGB registers that corresponded to each index VGA color palate number. The utility includes a table of the VGA to RGB conversions so the user just needs to specify the VGA.text file containing the sprite VGA color index codes to convert, and the utility exports the corresponding RGB codes for each sprite pixel to the Codea documents folder.

I thought someone else might someday find this useful :slight_smile: (2.6 KB)

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That’s one really long line of code! It seems to break the editor (I can’t scroll your project, but I can key down to the end)

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea there was a VGA color palette

@sim I had no trouble with the code in the editor. It scrolled up/down just fine.

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Okay so it appears nothing in Codea will scroll for me on my device. Even after a restart. Seems like the problem is on my end

You’re welcome. Thanks for taking a look at it :-). Please let me know if you are having any further trouble with the code.

Happy holidays and have a good new year.

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