Verto Studio now allows OBJ export directly to apps but...

Verto Studio now allows OBJ files to be exported directly to on tablet apps but the obj files are always zipped with the *.zip format. You could even try exporting it to save files on your tablet.

It also has lower polycount CSG but I’m not really clear on how to use it.

I’m starting to think the best way for apps to share OBJ file code is for them to simply copy the OBJ text directly to the pasteboard. Then you could just paste it directly in. And yet they zip them. This is fine for computers but for tablets you completely separate appunless we could code it in?

the implementation is not perfect. In the few times I’ve tried using the new updateto bring one of my Verto Studio OBJ files into Codea? It failed to even show up in the dialogue/selection box. I’ve also tried the save to files function.

I guess they need to be zipped because the .obj format isn’t contained in one file, usually it requires a corresponding .mtl file as well, and, prior to iOS 11, apps cold only share single files, hence the need for everything to be zipped. However, as of iOS 11, partly in response to the new drag-and-drop APIs, apps can now accept multiple files at once (if the developers adopt the new iOS 11 APIs that is). So in future we won’t need everything to be zipped.

@yojimbo2000, Right but if they’d just alternatively allow them to be exported as text files or were able to be converted into text files then they might be more likely to be accepted.

It would be a simple alternative just put the file extensions they’d otherwise have in the filename. So instead of thisfile.obj and thisfile.mtl? It would be thisfileobj.txt, and thisfilemtl.txt