I know there are other problems now, but i have to Share an idea: maybe you could implement cind of a “Version” thing, because i love to just create new versions to keep the old code safe if the experiment goes wrong. And now my projectbar is full of: “0.0.1,0.0.2,0.1,0.1.1,…” and so on and so on. The version thing would keep my projektbar a bit clearer and i would find my Projekts more easily :slight_smile:

TwoLivesLeft has mentioned a concept of projects (as in groups of code) as well as project (as in one program) descriptions.

The description and a few other things are in the tracker but the groups of code is not.

One thing that would be helpful is if we came up with names for

  1. a group of tabs, sprites, and project data that make a codea file currently
  2. multiple versions of the same codea file
  3. groups of independent code files (like games, utilities, etc.)

Is this correct?

  1. project
  2. stream
  3. group

I’d love to see versioning of source, like get (or svn or whatever).

I suspect it is a verrrry tall order. Doesn’t make it a bad suggestion.

One thing to keep in mind - Codea, mostly, isn’t Lua - it’s an environment where we can write code that happens to be in Lua, and some libraries letting us get access to stuff. The editor and management environment (tabs and examples and so on) is a giant chunk of work, and quite well done in my book. twolivesleft have put a lot of effort into it,and it shows, and they show no sign of stopping (just the opposite - witness the spinnies fix).

+5 points for source code level versioning!

I suggest that when @Simeon add the name and description editor, he also adds versions. Apps with the same name and different versions automatically group.

That would be ok - but I want more than whole-project versioning.

I’d like real source control if we can get it. I’d like something like timeline, actually - a slider where I can roll back each change in turn. Infinite undo, with checkpointing.

this is off topic, but another suggestion; someone wrote this before, and i loved the idea: double tapping a project will run it automatically, and then close() will take you back at the project-selector-start-page, and normal tapping will bring up the code, and then close() brings you back to your code. (maybe seeing the code is password-secure) oh sound soo great :slight_smile:

I like the idea - but I’d go backwards. A normal tap could load and execute the project. A hold-tap could bring up the menu it has now, with “edit” added.

Here’s my reasoning - We’re all smart, we can learn to “edit” off the menu (I use triple-three-tap now to exit the running program by habit!). But - it’d be nice to hand this to my young daughters or someone who’s not a coder, and have it do what the unwashed masses expect - tap the icon to run it.

Maybe a preference setting somewhere?

yes, off-topic, but a really good idea.