Version 2.6.3 (129)

@Simeon - still got the same problem with ping, ie noSmooth. Crashed on me twice, commented out noSmooth and ran without problem.

@Bri_G sorry that version is old! Apple took forever to approve it for beta testing so I ended up releasing the line fix on 2.6.2 (130) — please ignore 2.6.3 (129). I’ll pull it from beta when I get the chance. Apple just takes forever to approve any new version and I can’t get fixes out to you soon enough

@Simeon - no issue. Actually, you appear to run with two development platforms, the released version plus tinkering and the step change new versions. Do you have a list with all the version details in. It may help if we have to step back to more stable issues and identify the stable updates.

p.s. thanks for adding the hardware/software details into personal details on the forum page. Popped mine in, but a few users may need more fields for multiple devices.

@Bri_G each build has release notes in the TestFlight app (you can see them under “Previous Builds”). Unfortunately 2.6.3 (129) and 2.6.2 (130) have almost identical release notes except that 2.6.2 (130) also includes the line “Using noSmooth() and line() could lead to instability in the runtime, fixed”

As a general guideline anything with a higher number in parenthesis is a more recent build. Now that Apple has approved 2.6.3 builds for beta testing I will start putting all new builds in that version.

In both old and new editor, tabs aren’t loading properly, top line is obscured and you can’t scroll it. This is on iPhone XR (I believe it behaves the same as XS Max)

@JakAttak this is fixed in the new editor for the next build. Not sure if I will port the fix back to using the old editor on iPhone but might look into it.

@Simeon, any chance we could get an option to have the new editor UI at the bottom of the screen rather than the top? Maybe have it go to the top if the keyboard is open. Would be super convenient for browsing code on an iPhone

@JakAttak interesting thought. I’ll have to try the idea and see how it feels