Vector Field Particles

Here’s a little experiment I was playing with tonight. It just places some particles randomly on a turbulent vector field. It samples the field using bilinear interpolation to apply force to the particles.

The field moves using two layers of shifting noise that change direction, creating turbulence.


Nice! What algorithm are you using to drive your turbulence? is it a derivative of Perlin noise or something more sophisticated?

This is very very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

@andymac3d it samples at fixed grid intervals of two moving perlin noise() fields. The noise fields also change their direction of movement over time. This shifting creates the turbulence.

Thanks for the info - I’m a big fan of Perlin noise. As a CGI guy, I tend to use it alot for anything that requires a degree of ‘predictable’ random behavior.

I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to write a class that accommodates a ‘bounded’ turbulence field (i.e. only effects points withing a certain radius from a point) with perhaps attenuation?