using sprites

if i’m using a sprite from my own camera roll is it possible to make it so it is not a square picture because it is really annoying when I’m drawing my own sprites and I have to draw the same picture but with a different background color to match the background color in my code.

Sprite(image, x, y, width, height)

Change the 3rd and 4th parameter. But it may make your image distorted.

@Saurabh sorry if I confused you but thats not what I meant. I was wondering if there was a way to make an image an abstract shape so that it is just the object in the picture without the background in the picture. I don’t think I should even be asking about this on these forums because it is more about cropping the image by cutting out parts than it is about the code itself.

@Joey72099, no problem at all. Nothing wrong with asking it here. You are talking about something called a ‘mask’. It requires an image type that allows masks such as png. JPEG images don’t have masks so they will not work. You also have to have a nice paint program like paint shop pro, something that actually lets you create and edit masks. You have to trace out the image you want and then delete the background. It is not an easy task and is a bit time consuming. Good luck

@MrScience101 ok thanks a lot!

@Joey72099 - I use (free), which has a “magic wand” you can click on the background, and then press delete. It works best if the background is a uniform colour. There are other programs that will do the same.

But if the background is complex, like in a photo ,you may have to sit and rub it out with your mouse.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood it.
I used to use but now that My computer doesn’t work, I use a program that I made for this purpose, it’s called Pixel Art, it’s there on CC. It’s not perfect but does the work.

@Ignatz-i can’t use because I have a mac not a pc
@Saurabh-i can’t find Pixel Art on CC, I even went to all of the projects made by you and it wasn’t there. It didn’t come up on the search either. Am I looking in the wrong places or is it not there?

@Joey72099 You can use most paint programs. You just need to change the background alpha to 0 to make it transparent. I’ll see if I can find my project that removes the background color on images.

@Briarfox ok thanks

I use the InkPad app (free) and just copy the image into my documents

@Joey72099 Hi. If you search ‘erase background’ on the App Store you should find some useful results, some are even free. For example: