User Paul123

This user’s last few comments have been a bit pointless and negative. I suggest we keep an eye on him/her and if he/she posts more send a message asking him/her to try to post constructive comments.

@Andrew_Stacey - Yep, I just noticed that. I agree entirely. I think he’s bored, and trolling.

He has been missing for a month, but this is what he said in early Jan -

"No, I’m saying its better to quit when you know you’re getting nowhere than keep going at it for months and just get frustrated. I don’t have the skill, I still have Codea but I don’t have any skill with it at all. I also gave up. I don’t know what typo you mean, sorry I’m a bit dumb.

if you can learn codea then I’m sure its worth every minute and you’d make some great things but for people like the thread creator and me, its best to acknowledge when we’ve been beaten."