Useful websites for downloading free 3D models and converting their formats

Dear Codea Community,

I don’t know if anyone else has any suggestions for good 3D models to import into craft or ways to convert their formats to the formats that Codea imports, but if not, I’ve recently found these two sites very useful:

Spin-off of Stanford University project now owned by Adobe; has excellent free 3D models to download in FBX and DAE formats

Aspose is a company focused on web-based 3D animation; they offer a free converter on their site where you can upload a certain 3D file format (e.g. FBX) and save it in the same or another format (e.g. FBX). I found this site particularly useful because the free Mixamo site above doesn’t let you download 3D assets in OBJ format which Codea seems best at importing. Mixamo allows you to download FBX which Codea imports but doesn’t seem to be able to extract the imported 3D FBX asset materials or map (so end up with a solid white 3D object). The Aspose site can extract material and map/texture data from FBX objects, but it gave me errors when I tried to save those extracted FBX materials and maps. Instead I used the Aspose site to convert the Maximo 3D FBX assets into OBJ files which Codea can import. However, it seemed that Codea’s material format may differ from the material format that the FBX object was created with so I actually ended importing the Maximo Mesh Object as craft.model and Maximo texture as craft map and substituted one of the craft built in materials to finish creating the object.

I hope others find this helpful and would be interested if others have additional recommendations. I know Blender and some other programs can accomplish the same conversions but I wanted to stick to using my iPad to do all of these 3D Craft model manipulations.

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Another good website for converting 3D file formats:

Created by Alexander Gessler one of the creators of the open source Assimp API that Codea and other apps use to import 3D files.


These are pretty good sites too, although I haven’t used it myself. I only used Mixamo. But give it a try. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

Thanks, @Emmet!