Upgrade options


Thinking of upgrading either my Mac or iPad to metal based versions. Any idea which is the better option ?

I think it depends. Most apps don’t really take advantage of the M1/M2 chip, but you’ll probably won’t have to upgrade again in the coming years. I think Stage Manager benefits from the additional power, though. Originally, it was only supposed to come to M1 iPads.

As for Macs, if you get a MacBook, the battery will last significantly longer and you can run iPhone/iPad apps on your Mac. I guess that’s the only way right now to use Codea as a standalone app on the Mac. I’m not sure if this has changed, but I believe it’s not possible to run Windows on the M1/M2-Macs without virtualisation as Bootcamp was removed.

So unless you need Windows or your iPad is already quite old, I think the Mac is a better upgrade overall.

@Elias- thanks for the feedback on that. I already have a PC so don’t need to emulate it.

Running Codea on a Mac sounds like a good way forward, is it a Mac version or does it run like on an iPad with it’s own environment - thinking particularity about file access etc.

Thanks for the input.

If you’re on a budget, the more RAM the better, and it’s best to use the highest configurations, or customized versions of the highest RAM configurations.
The highest RAM I’m currently aware of for Macs is 192G.
Because Macs now use shared memory, video memory and RAM can be swapped.
In that case, you would have the equivalent of a super graphics card configured with 192G of video memory. All known open source LLMs can be deployed and run locally. Local training is also supported. Compared to the same configuration of Nvidia’s expensive graphics card, this is a cost-effective solution.

@Bri_G You’re welcome! I think Simeon or John probably know more about this, but I assume it’s just the iPad version in its own environment. I haven’t had the chance to test it yet, so I also don’t know how well it works on Mac.

@binaryblues That’s really interesting, thanks for the info!

i have a macbook intel for the last generation they offered them, just in case i needed the bootcamp options but i haven’t found good use for them, plus i have a good windows pc. it seems the point of the macbook now is purely for xcode, so IMO upgrading the ipad is the way to go since you get the benefit of the power on the device i use most and also Codea is basically the whole reason for ipad so if you ask an ipad user which device you should upgrade it’s gonna be ipad