UIKit is fantastic

@Steppers — I’d only seen the objc demo project posted directly here on the forums, I didn’t realize there was a far superior version on WebRepo. It’s great!

Hey anyone interested—go get the UIKit library from WebRepo, it’s nuts how cool it is.

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Yes it does look amazing. I have been using Soda, but I will probably switch to Oil. The text entry seems perfect with a good text selection, cut and paste and even the arrow keys work on the external keyboard.

@Steppers can one display the min,max, selected value with the slider?

@piinthesky You should be able to but I don’t believe it’s something I built into the sliders directly. You’d just have to display those values as labels of their own.

Also, I just want to make you aware that as the text inputs in Oil utilise the UIKit project you can’t render other elements over them as they’re not actually rendered in Lua. As long as they work for your use case though, you’re good to go :+1:

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