UI Elements Sprite Pack (Change in plans... Check it out)

It would be amazing to include an iOS elements sprite pack for the fun of it. I would take it from here. Meanwhile, I’ll work on one and upload it when I get a chance.
@Bortels pointed out that apple might reject the app might be rejected if we use apple image as a sprite pack. Therefore, I changed the discussion to general and I’m just going to share sprite packs that include the UI elements of iOS.


Alright, first, I just did the quick and easy way of getting all the graphics: doing a smart search under the iPhone Simulator graphics. Here are all the graphics I came up with: Download it here.
PS- After I get the graphics, I’ll work on an Automator/AppleScript action that turns folders of images in to a sprite pack. I might even be able to get it on the device.

+1 for UI element sprite pack! :slight_smile:

It might be hard to get by apple as an official part of Codea - they are weird sticklers for certain types of graphical elements in the App store. I know there are apps rejected because their graphics look too similar to the built-in graphic elements - so this may just not be allowed, officially.

But - if we can get the ability to add our own spritepacks (without hacking, which we can do now) - this would be a handy thing indeed.

App Cooker and Blueprint use apple’s graphics indirectly… I don’t know. I’m working in a sprite pack with the basic UI Elemnt parts that are well named. It also includes basic graphics like pins and dots and other things.

Besides, those images will be used by Codea’s users, not by Codea itself. So I don’t think it would be a problem.

I’m just saying there’s a good chance if they’re included in Codea, it can cause the app to be rejected. The Codea devs are restricted in how they use apple graphics in general.

But we aren’t - so if we can get them in after the fact, that’s dandy. Besides - I want to be able to add spritepacks without exercising my mystic hackery.

@Bortels- Your point is good. I changed the discussion to general. I looked at the app submission guidelines and I see that you can not submit an app that mimics iOS graphics. @bee also has a good point, but this is not something that I think is an important update. When sprite packs come out, it won’t be a matter.
Feel free to look at my other suggestions here. I would love to hear your suggestions.

I’m passing this job on to someone jail broken. It’s quite a time wasting job. I’ll pass what I have when I get a chance. It’s annoying how a lot of the graphics can only be decides with iOS.

Ahh… I did a little more research and found a quick look plugin that lets me see iOS crushed graphics found here.
Life was just made easier. I’m continuing the project.

2/3rds of the way done.

This version will have no buttons and unorganized names. I will still have to work in names, accidental duplicates, buttons, and functions that make it easy to create the UI elements, and a keyboard.

WAIT! I’ll still to the original iOS graphics, but I’m also going to make some sprite packs from UI Parade.com. Still working on it.
Update: Eventually. Not very soon.

@Simeon - About the UI elements, this is why I wanted to allow parameters to leave the side bar on my Codea suggestions page. That way, we could have the UI elements we need.

YIPEE! V1 IS FINALLY OUT! TRY IT HERE! It’s pretty lousy right now, so I would really like help. Please help if possible. Thanks!

That’s incredible @Zoyt. So many images!

I don’t think we would be allowed to ever include such a pack with Codea, but it looks like a valuable resource for anyone who wants to use iOS style graphical elements.

I’m exploring options for importing sprite packs from the net in versions past 1.3, so stuff like this will be easier to get into Codea.

Wonderful. Thanks! As you probably saw, I don’t expect you to include it. But is sure would be cool if you started including things from UI Parade.com for UI elements if you could somehow work something out with them. I’m really looking forward to sprites!

Thats a cool site! Thanks for compiling the goodies.

Hmm. Thinking about it, TLL can’t include apple UI elements (Apple will reject it) - but a nice well-done spritepack with the same elements, just not apple graphics, should pass inspection and would be usable by many.

I think you mis understood me @Bortels. This is just for the fun of it. This is not for real apps or for TLL to include, but it would be really cool if they included things from UI Parade.com. Apple would allow that, right?