tvOS and Codea

@Simeon Just wondering if you’d had a chance to look at tvOS and see how much change would be required to get the Codea runtime working for the new Apple TV?

+1 from me :slight_smile:

@Mark I’ll be testing it soon, I think initially adding support for a tvOS target to the exported Xcode project would be the way to go.

tvOS apps have to be operable with the new remote control though to be accepted for the app store.

They can have optional game controller support though (and presumably bluetooth keyboard too).

The steel series nimbus that they announced looks pretty cool:

And, like the other game controllers, it works with the iPad and iPhone.

Game controller support would be very cool in Codea.

Got my new Apple TV today (developer lottery). A huge improvement over the previous system, and it seems entirely possible to map normal touch events onto the controller. The controller also has accelerometers, so you can use some tilt and movement events in a similar way to iPhone / iPad. Just starting to play with this, but I’m already impressed.

After playing with the new TV for a couple of days, I’m less enthusiastic about easy mapping between the controller and screen touches. The resolution of the controller makes it hard to navigate in detail. Instead the more natural moves are along “scroll in that direction.” Also in writing a few little sample apps, you quickly see the issue with an interface that has neither direct touch nor a visible cursor. Basically you just move between highlighted objects.

On the other hand, some gaming styles that are difficult on the iPad / iPhone are pretty intuitive on the TV. More or less anything that can be done with a simple single stick control is pretty easy to emulate…

In any case, I’m coming to believe that Apple TV apps aren’t just going to be blown up versions of their iOS cousins.