Tutorials for Lua

I am a noob and an extremely slow learner, never coded in my life until about 7 months ago and I still don’t know ! Just learning how to compose a variable.

That said, I have gained tremendous value from the videos below. Popped up in my youtube recommendations.

Amazing teacher this guy.
83 videos, broken up in subjects and topics.

Super professional with visuals to help punctuate the concept/abstract explanation.

Get smarter and enjoy.


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@tactfulgamer While watching football today, I spent about the last hour listening to the 83 sections of the tutorial. There’s some great information in there, but there’s also sections you can watch, but ignore. The sections on meta code and meta tables and using them for classes you don’t really need. Codea has meta code, but Codea also has classes that are easier to use. Other things to ignore are the io and debug libraries. Codea has them, but you’ll probably never use anything from them. I would say learn your variable usage, for loops, and tables. You’ll also need the string, os, and math libraries, but not a lot in the beginning. But that’s just starters for Codea, because there’s a lot of Codea functions that you’ll be using. Trying to follow the examples in the tutorials and using them in Codea isn’t that useful. For instance, you can’t use io.read for input because Codea is constantly running and doesn’t wait for any input. There’s several ways to get input into a program which you’ll learn as you get more coding experience. Also, don’t think you’re going to learn all of this in a hurry. I’ve been using Lua for over 7 years and I’m still finding things I didn’t know about. You also don’t need to know that much to write simple Codea programs that you’ll build upon to gain experience. Codea is fun, so don’t get too frustrated trying to learn everything at once.

@dave1707 Thanks, as always very helpful and insightful. I will skip those parts.

You are most definitely correct. - truly not something one can learn in a hurry, Especially with my slow ass. lol. Several months back, when I first got here, I tried to attack it in a hurry. Though I did gain some very basic concepts understanding: Variables, Tables, Strings, Concatenation.

However my failure was in lacking of writing code - I spent more time listening to youtube and other audio/video resources than coding. I am now getting into more coding.

As slow as I move, my first Guess the Number Game text based, console only will be 5 years from now. 2025. Something that simple, will take me that long to create on my own, because around that time, I thing is when I will have understanding and comprehension to finally create stuff from my mind… I’m that kind of turtle.

@tactfulgamer I think one of your problems is trying to watch a video of a text based program and then trying to write it using Codea. That’s not going to happen. For instance, in the Guess the Number Game that uses io.read() to get input, Codea doesn’t have io.read for the keyboard. Also, Codea is constantly running. The draw function executes 60 times per second, or down to a crawl if you really overload it. Other functions are checked 60 times per second, like the function touched, the function keyboard, and others. The video is OK, it explains how things work, like loops, tables, variables, etc. Once you get an idea of how those work, you need to move on to Codea and write simple code using what Codea offers. I think the best way to learn is to see simple programs that do something like what you’re after and try to understand what it’s doing. That way you see how things are done, you can modify code to see what happens, and that helps you move on to larger programs. There isn’t much code you need to learn to write Codea programs. Once you understand those basics, then you’ll have no problems with code. When I was learning to write code, I always wanted simple examples that showed how to do different specific things. I was able to understand what they did and then build larger programs using them. So, I’ll post simple programs here that do specific things that you can play with. Once you understand the basics, you can build upon that. And your Guess the Number Game will be a lot sooner than 2025.

@tactfulgamer I want to give you example code to help you, but it might be easier if you ask me for something specific. For instance, in your other discussion, you ask why io.read doesn’t work. Codea has a keyboard function and doesn’t use io.read.