Tunneling bug

I was finishing up with the dynamic bodies in the level editor for my building game, and when I came to test it this happened with the rocket dynamic body that was preloaded with the level. There’s also a spot on the grass platform the player’s on where his feet will slip in to the ground (a polygon body static) then come out when the player moves away from the spot where it happens… this is also where the rocket falls through. Any ideas on what’s happening are more than welcome, thanks.

By the way the code isn’t malformed at any part, it’s set up like the other level in which this doesn’t happen.

Do you use physics.continuous and set then bullet property to true

@Coder yes I do for the feet, not for the dynamic bodies, it doesn’t need to have bullet on I tried it with it set to true and it changed nothing. I also have physics.continuous set to true. I think it was due to the layout of the vertices as I made another level which was fine with all props etc, I’ll post if it happens again.