Trying to post a general question

Stupid question, but here goes.

I tried posting a question in the “General“ category back in January and I see it’s what I call “grayed out” meaning it may not be visible to people on the forum. That’s speculation on my part.

Not sure the reason why. It’s my first post to the new forum so it’s probably pilot error.

I can’t seem to edit the post or do anything with it.

If someone can look into this and explain what I did wrong I’d appreciate it greatly.



@Scotty If you’re referring the the weather api question, it’s showing up OK for me. I remember seeing it when it was first posted. Don’t know anything about it though.

greyed out means you read it and there’s no updates, it’s not hidden or disabled

Thanks for your reply. Maybe someone else see it and weigh in.

When I referred to my post as “grayed out” is that because I’m the author of that post?

Also, when I save a post while editing does it get posted right then and there?

Basic questions but it didn’t seem obvious to me.

Thanks again.