TrueDepth in xcode export

@Simeon after years I finally got to the stage where i submitted my app to the app store. Unfortunately, it is rejected by the reviewers because they state it includes the TrueDepth API but that i don’t use that in my app, so it should be removed.

I do actually use augmented reality mode in my app-is that different from TrueDepth? Would it be possible for you to make a new libversion that includes AR but not trueDepth? I currently link to 3.2.1 which includes AR and trueDepth. If i understand corrrectly, 3.2.2 excludes AR and trueDepth. I would need a libversion with AR but no trueDepth.

@Simeon prepared a libversion (3.2.10) which excludes TrueDepth but includes Craft and AR. With this (and an updated export) i was able to finally make my KM3NeT app available on the app store (free). You can find the link here:

The app is somewhat niche and probably not of wide general interest. Nevertheless, it does show some of the capabilties of Codea with extensive use of Soda UIs, 3D graphics, AR and shaders.

very impressive! nice work!

@piinthesky - installed and explored the interface. Crashed on me when I gave permission for camera use. Very impressive intros and video. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with it, tried to play the game but need a little info/description on objectives etc. Great app thanks.

The interface looks very good too.

@piinthesky awesome! So glad that it worked, it’s been tough to keep everything App Store compatible in the last few years

@piinthesky nice work! I can’t say I understand this, but it looks like you did exactly what you set out to do, and did a fantastic job of it.

I especially love seeing some of the projects that others have shared here being put to good use.

So many great things have been shared and it really feels like a great payoff when they get used.

I recognize a pretty sweet use of @spacemonkey’s Ok Ocean project—love it. I assume the interface is all SODA? Man, that SODA sure is a great piece of code, and you’re putting it to great use. Is there anything else I’m missing?

And of course I am just as impressed with all your original work too!

@UberGoober, thanks. Yes, i love SODA it is very powerful. I learnt a lot developing the app and helped debug/improve Codea in the process. The Flight class of @Ignatz/@LoopSpace was important for flying the ROV around. The augmented reality view is fun. When i get more time i must do some ‘publicity’ about the app.