Transfer Game

I’m trying to transfer the code for my game from my 4th Generation iPad to an iPad 1. I have installed Codea on the iPad 1 and was planning to try Dropbox for the transfer but Dropbox needs IOS7 and the iPad 1 has IOS5. What other possibilities are there? I’d prefer not to set up mail on the iPad 1 as this is a school machine. I’m thinking of posting the code on my Web site, then copying it. I’ve never used Gists but that may be a possibility.

Also, I ran across references of holding down on the Add New Projects icon to get a Paste option but this doesn’t seem to work on either iPad. I’m guessing I could create a new project, clear it, and paste in the code but I don’t know if this will honor the tabs.

Thanks in advance.

Gist would work, or check out Codea Community, it allows backups and downlolading of projects. To copy you can long press the project and select copy.

@DaveW - Dropbox works fine on its own and in Codea, on my old iPad1

The long press works if a project has been saved by going out to the main Codea screen with the project icons, holding down your project icon until you get Copy, and pressing that. This saves all the code to the clipboard. You can then put it in a gist or email it or whatever.

On the other iPad, copy that code to the clipboard, then press the Add new project icon in Codea and hold down until you get “paste into new project”, and press that. This will honor your tabs - but only if you saved your code as above? Why? Because when you save that way, Codea inserts markers between tabs, which it uses to separate them again when you paste back in.

The long press for paste on Add New Project apparently only works if there is something in the clipboard. I was able to access my Dropbox through Safari and copy the text to paste. I had a lot of trouble selecting all of the text but it finally worked. Thanks for the help.