Touches is nil in craft examples?

I couldn’t find anything on the forum about this, which seems a bit weird but most of the craft examples crash on startup for me because touches is nil? Craft is checked in the dependencies.

Would’ve posted this in the craft thread but they all appear to be closed now.

Looking forward to try out some examples, craft looks really cool! =)

@Kirl You might need to check Touches and Cameras (not Camera) as a dependency when using Craft.

I think I have a few naming conflicts, I have my own “touches” project as well as a “voxel terrain”. The icon images appear to be swapped sometimes but when I open either it always opens johns code.

I tried duplicating with another name but it duplicates johns example. Is there any way to get my own code back? I fear they might be overridden as I no longer get errors when I open the examples…

@Kirl If you didn’t do any type of backup on your code, it’s gone. One thing you can do as you work on a project is to tap on the project icon and create a duplicate. That way if anything goes wrong, you have a copy. Get in a habit of doing that and you’ll only lose what changes you made since the copy.

Doh! I don’t mind losing my touches project as I have better attempts in other projects but losing my voxel terrain might hurt a bit.

I’m still having trouble connecting through itunes for pc backups, but thanks to the recent return of the project sharing feature I think I may have lucked out with a recentish zip of all projects in my dropbox. =)

I would create duplicates of more precious code, but I have sooo many projects already…

Thanks for the answer!

@Kirl I didn’t mean that you create duplicates of all your projects, just the projects that you’re working on. That way if you mess something up, you can go back to the duplicate. I do that a lot and the duplicates make recovery easy.

I should probably get in the habit of doing that as well. =)