Hi all,

I thought this should be known by the moderators (and TLL). I’ve just created myself a second account here: LoopSpace. I’ve two reasons: one is that I’m shifting my online persona to a pseudonymous one (i.e. it’s still possible to find out who I am, but not simply by googling my name); the other is that I’m going to be a bit busier with offline stuff in the coming months and so need to scale back a bit with my involvement with online forums and so forth.

I did consider requesting a change of username on my Andrew_Stacey account, but then that causes all sorts of continuity errors within discussions. Also, it may be useful for me to be able to be a moderator here from time to time and I can easily log back in with that account if needed.

If anyone’s not happy with this, I’d be happy to close one or other account (but so that the surviving account had the name LoopSpace).

I still plan to use Codea, in fact I hope to use it even more, and so will still be here asking and answering questions. I’d also like to stay a beta tester, if that’s okay (which means that LoopSpace probably ought to be given access to the beta category, assuming that everyone’s happy for me to have both accounts).


@Andrew_Stacey I don’t see a problem with that.