Topdown shooter (splitscreen multiplayer): Full code/art shared inside


A while ago I was having great fun with a 2D shooter project, so much in fact that I wanted, at the time, to get a full game out on the appstore (original post here:

Turns out I’m having a tough time… well … finding time ^^ So anyways I figured I might as well share the project with our great Codea community :slight_smile:

Here is the unfinished project “converted” to dropbox for easier sharing (all images will have to be extracted in the dropbox folder for it to work).
Most of the art is mine (made with the Graphic app on the iPad), except for the background and a few awesome sprites (credits to
The audio is straight from Codea’s library, I tried to make the better of it.
Anyways, it’s not amazing but I was pretty proud of the end result (smooth and fancy effects)

Art package:
To use it you need to extract it to your dropbox Codea app folder (for example: C:\Users\xavier\Dropbox\Apps\Codea) and obviously link/sync codea to your dropbox account.

Project source (should allow copy paste from ipad):
raw file:

Here is what the game looks like (last video I made). The game runs very nicely on iPad Air 2. It should run fine on older hardware, and if it doesn’t there are a few possible tweaks (like disabling the shadow tile layer for example):

Once again, this is a dropped project, so you might find some of the code is inefficient, commented, unfinished, buggy etc…

Let me know if you have any questions or if you encounter any issues.


edit: stuff you could never imagine

Can anyone help me get this working?

It’s all zipped up as a nice Codea project, with all the art and everything, here:

I think I’ve got all the sprite references in the new asset-dot-whatever format, but when the project runs I only see the starry background.

It looks like such an amazing project and I’d really love to get it archived but it no longer runs. I took a stab at it but only got to where it doesn’t crash. If anyone can help fix it up that’d be fantastic.

I’ll take a look and see if I can get it working and onto WebRepo :slight_smile:

@UberGoober All done, should be up and running once again on WebRepo.

It seems some of the logic relied on the asset ‘paths’ being strings rather than Codea asset key objects so the sprites & tiles were failing to load. I grabbed the original code instead and did a blanket replace of ”Dropbox: with ”Project: and that seemed to do the trick.

It doesn’t work for me. Crashes all the time. Is it actually running for you?

I get crashes too

Yep, ran on both iPad & iPhone (iPad was far better). Do you see anything rendering? Or does it crash when interacting with things?

@Steppers all I see is a space background with nothing in front of it, not exactly playable.

Can you see any UI? It starts directly in the map editor so there are no preset maps and everything is blank. You need to add a spawn for each player (blue & green circle things with the guns) before running the map or it will crash.

I’ve made some rendering fixes in WebRepo so it should now run correctly when launched through that when it updates.

For reference, after figuring out how to use the map editor this is what I can see.

@Steppers I found the UI confounding so I’m impressed you sussed how to make it run.

I can do the things you describe now, but it still crashes all the time.

Nevertheless, it’s playable enough to see how awesome it is, I’d love to get it fully working again.

@Steppers it stopped crashing for some reason, and it works great now, I’m happy to say.

I made a rudimentary starter map (screenshot attached) that’s still somewhat fun to play, which I say with confidence because my daughter and I just had a blast with it shooting each other all to heck.

It’s super simple, but it’s got multiple weapons, and warp zone thingies, and it’s just large enough that you can run away for safety if you need to.

I’d like to propose putting this map in save slot 1 in the WebRepo build, so that the first time someone runs the project they have something to play right away.

The lack of a default map will, I think, turn many people away from playing with this awesome piece of work, and that would be a crying shame, because if you ask me this is an impressive project that shows Codea in a really good light.

If you agree, how should I get this build to you?

@UberGoober That looks great!

I think the save files should be stored in the project bundle so I think a simple exported zip should do the trick.

@Steppers sorry to be thick, if you’ve already explained this a bunch and I haven’t retained it: how do I get that zip to you? It’s around 6MB.

I’m going to setup a google form to try and automate submissions but in the meantime I’ll send you a PM with my email.

@UberGoober The version with your demo map should be available now.