Just an idea,

Got a little frustrated with backup and saving files externally. I know we have real file handling round the corner! Also I haven’t been able to get air code working recently. So I was wondering if there are any tools that beta testers can use to get round the problems.

An idea I had was to provide a printing option for codea, from the editing keyboard. So that you can get a hard copy - do a bit of retro editing on paper!! You could also provide a PDF file driver so that the code could be saved in an editable form.

Minor irritations - web based, the page number links at the bottom of the forum pages don’t seem to work for me. Also I keep initiating new discussions when I’m trying to search for something - any chance of a relocation of the new discussions button?

@Bri_G The bottom numbers work at the bottom of the forum page, but not at the bottom within a multi page discussion. I use the ones at the top. One solution for the search/new discussion problem is to enlarge the page and then hit the search box. I have no help with Air code because I’ve never used it. One thing you can do for printing is to long press a project, select export, then select copy project code. Open notes and paste it there and then print it. As for the backups, the export/import projects with a zip file works fine. Codea recently deleted 25 of my projects and I had no trouble at all importing them back. Codea also deleted everything in my Dropbox folder which then deleted from my Dropbox app folder when I did a sync. The Codea import of the Dropbox folder didn’t work and needs some kind of a fix. Luckily, I had a backup folder in the Dropbox app and was able to recover my Dropbox folder files.

Thanks for the update,

Tried the export / notepad option and worked fine. Trying to avoid full backup after your experiences - glad you managed to recover yours. Thanks.

@Bri_G The export/import that’s in Codea works just fine. It backs everything up and then when you do the import you can turn on multiple things you want to import. There’s still a problem with the Dropbox folder that I think need some work.


Thanks again - now found my problem with Air Code - not logging onto the correct network channel. Then used cut and paste into TextWrangler and printed from there.

@Bri_G You could also use my WebDAV server implementation to access files in Codea directly from your PC. It works in both beta and normal versions of Codea.