I’m using toggleMenu() as shown in SoundsPlus. I have 4 menus though. The last menu has a restart button which calls setup() in Main. The idea being to restart the program. When it is run the first time, the program steps through the menus like it should. But when I select ‘restart’ the first menu(functionMenu) is shown very briefly, then the second menu(riskMenu) is displayed. I’m thinking it might have to do with ‘touched’. Is there a way to reset/clear ‘touched’?

function setup()
    functionMenu = FunctionMenu()
    riskMenu = RiskMenu()
    pmMenu = PMMenu()
    finalMenu = FinalMenu()
    menu = Menu
    menu = functionMenu
    button = Button (" ")
function toggleMenu()
    if menu == functionMenu then
        menu = riskMenu
    elseif menu == riskMenu then 
        menu = pmMenu 
    elseif menu == pmMenu then 
        menu = finalMenu
    elseif menu == finalMenu then
        menu = functionMenu

Never mind, got it figured out