Hello. I need a simple timer for one of my projects. There aren’t any tutorials on them, so I thought I would ask here.

There are.

Hey i have a question about a timer kinda i wanna make something with a score that keeps adding up every second

Im pretty bad at coding xD im trying to learn doe !

And im trying to make a simple cookie clicker that you can get cookies per second any tip on that matthew :3?

@JulieChelsea You could do something like

function setup()
    scoreIncrease = 1
    score = 0
    tween.delay(1, increaseScore)

function increaseScore()
    score = score + scoreIncrease
    tween.delay(1, increaseScore)

function draw()
    text(score, 100, 100)

EDIT: @dave1707, sorry, I didn’t see your response on the other discussion, though I guess there’s no harm in doing something in two ways.

@MattthewLXXIII There’s no problem with showing different ways of doing something. I was going to suggest tween.delay also, but JulieChelsea said in the other post that she just started using Codea. I think tweens are a little advanced for someone just starting out which is why I made it as simple as I could.

EDIT: Nice example.

@dave1707, that’s a good point (I didn’t see the other post before I responded).