Tile Building Game

Can somebody help me out.

File.zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eai1ozp8ca4x4o2/TileTowns%20V1.1.zip?dl=0
I want to create this, but with a larger (and adjustable) map.
I have done something with mesh in another file, but then I can’t change the texture.

Plz help, p.s.(could you also explain it, couse im new) :slight_smile:

Are you asking us to help you convert a game from another language, and explain it all to you?

Ignatz, No just asking if anybody knows how to do it and if they could explain it, I am a little bit further with progress, but still far behind

It is a Codea file, but zip. Idon’t know how to send the code

Your question still isn’t clear. Please try to explain it again.