Theres anyway to import and work with vector images?

I have a group of images I made in vector using Freehand, theres any way to import them in Codea without coverting them to Rastered images like in PNG format?

No, not easily. You could write a class to decipher the vector image and draw it to the screen, but that would take a while…

The only practical way would be to load in the images as SVG (or pre-parse them into a friendlier format) and then build up a mesh list.

I wrote a converter ages ago that look a Windows WMF file and output it as ActionScript source (moveTo, lineTo etc) so that the resulting class would render the correct image.

You could try that approach as well, pre-convert the SVG into Lua

Or make a converter that changes the vectors to a ‘flat’ 3D object…