There should be some tutorials for newbies

I’ve been using Codea for a week. The thing I felt about it is that there is little information about it. I couldn’t find any tutorials, especially when it comes to Codea 4. I really like Codea because I don’t need to bring my laptop, but it’s too uncomfortable for newbies like me. Does anyone know where to find tutorials for Codea? And also, do I have to move on to Codea 4 from Codea 3?

Codea 4 is a beta version so a lot of things don’t work yet. Stick with Codea 3. As for tutorials, there used to be some but I’m not sure where they are now. Someone else will know and post something. You should look at the examples to get an idea on how to do some things or if you have questions about anything, just ask.

@KorBoRindo - look up coolcodea website. It’s the website of @Ignatz and he has loads of tutorials covering Codea over a decade and several upgrades so there are some changes over that period, but they are easy to resolve and the principles are outlined by his code.


If you want to see a project developed slowly and meticulously follow the following link to Ron Jeffries development of the Asteroids game in Python and in Codea. He explains each step in detail.

Asteroids in Codea

@KorBoRindo To save you the trouble of trying to find where to start, here’s a link.

Once you open the link, scroll down and on the right side you’ll find all the Archives.

Thanks @Bri_G for the coolcodea name. I couldn’t remember it.

Thanks I really appreciate your help

And also, when will it be the appropriate time to move over to Codea 4.x?

@KorBoRindo You can use Codea 4 any time you want just to try it out, but just remember a lot of thinks still don’t work with it. Stick with Codea 3 for now, I think Codea 4 is still a long ways off.