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Hi All,
Just set myself up on the new forum page and took the opportunity to change my icon. I got used to the Vanilla forum pages with it’s limitations and eccentricities. I’m just curious to know what the advantages of this new forum are. Anyone care to list them ?
Are there any does and don’ts ?
Is posting (assets) easier ?
What about posting code ?
What are Badges ?

Ooooh - just earned my first Badge for editing, think I’ll crack open a bottle to celebrate !!!

@Bri_G There’s only about 4 of us here that I can tell. I guess everyone’s been moved over, they just haven’t logged in yet. It will take awhile for the others to switch over. I’m still playing around trying to figure things out. Here’s a few lines of code that I’m trying just to see what it’s going to look like.

function setup()
    scn = scene.default2d()
    scn.physics2d.debugDraw = true
    floor = scn:entity("floor")
    floor:add(physics2d.body, KINEMATIC):box(8, 0.5)    
    floor.hitTest = true

@dave1707 - thanks for the welcome. I like the formatting of the posted code. Do you have to use the ‘~~~’ wrappers when posting code ?

Hi guys! @dave1707 @Bri_G , nice to meet you here!

Those pop up by themselves when you select </> from the list of icons above when you reply to something and want to post code.

Thought I’d try an image to see how that goes. Not sure why it’s so blurry.

I guess when you tap on it, it gets better.

@binaryblues - good to hear from you again.

function welcome()
       -- just trying out the editing options on the top of the posting field
       -- not sure how you indent the code - not working on my keyboard
       -- having to use the space bar, posting would be quicker

There’s this…

  • We
  • Have
  • Polls
  • Now

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@John @sim When I look at a discussion, I’m taken to the bottom of the discussion (last entry), but half the page is taken up with Suggested Topics. Is there any way to stop the Suggested Topics from showing. It’s kind of annoying that I have to scroll up to read the last entry and I’m being shown something I don’t want to see anyways. So far I haven’t found a way to stop it.

I’ve hidden the suggested topics. Let me know if that works better for you

@sim That is so much better, not seeing the Suggested Topics. It’s going to take awhile to get used to where everything is at. Still trying to figure out the Admin options and what I can and can’t do compared to the old forum.

@sim I noticed with the old forum (archived), when you do a search and you’re given the search results and you select something, you’re not taken to the discussion you selected. Instead, you get the Oops page. Also, there’s a 100 page limit on the old forum, but there are a lot more than 100 pages. Not sure if there’s a way to allow getting all the way to the beginning of the forum or if it’s really necessary. I always did a search to get beyond the 100 page limit.

Ah it looks like the Google index for the Codea forums is out-of-date and trying to direct to /talk/…, if you copy the URL, delete the Google stuff at the start and replace “talk” with “talk-archive” it will work

@sim That worked, but kind of awkward.

Was able to look at the forum discussions starting with Oct 2011. Reading through the discussions as Codea was evolving is kind of interesting. I’ll have to pick up where I left off when I don’t have anything better to do.

@Bri_G Found your first post about Inheritance.

@dave1707 - is that post relevant now or just a very early one ?

@Bri_G That was from Mar 2012. I found an even earlier one of yours from Jan 2012.

Oh no, don’t dig any further. You’re making me feel ancient.

Gotta post on the V4 thread, found a weird problem.

@Bri_G Don’t feel too ancient, my first post was 4 mo. after yours.

@sim Is there any reason to keep a link to the old forum. Is there anything different, content wise, between the new and old forum that anyone would need to look at the old one.

The migration did not bring attachments with it, so some projects that were attached to old posts only exist in the archive