The color picker

Not sure how to ask this. Do we have access to the degree at which we leave the reticle when choosing a hue?
A hue in radians ? Brain hurts….

@bitmage As far as I know, the only thing you can get out of the color picker are the r,g,b,a values. If you really want the outer circle choice angle, you could use the r,g,b values and convert those to an angle around the circle.

I’m going to work on that. I want to derive the complimentary colors of the chosen color as per color theory. Thanks! I’m motivated now…

I recommend searching the forums. I seem to recall a big debate about color wheels way back in there somewhere.

@bitmage If all you want is the complimentary color of an rgb color, here’s some code. It’s just a matter of subtracting each color from 255.

function setup()
    col=color(0, 12, 255)
    print("comp red ",r)
    print("comp green ",g)
    print("comp blue ",b)

@dave1707 Well now, that’s wonderful. You just saved me a bunch o messing round. Thankyou

I’ve also discovered that rotating the RGB values give you the triadic color matches (R,G,B) (B,R,G) (G,B,R). I think I’m just down to figuring out split- complimentary.