text file in subfolder


I can read and save text file in my Project folder: readText(“Project:myFile”)
Is there a way to create sub folder and then save files there ? Just to be cleaner: readText(“Project:myFolder:myFile”) ?

Try using readText("Project:myFolder/myFile") — if it works it’s not intentional but it might, given the way this was implemented.

Hmm but you can’t create the subfolder yet. I think this works where you have direct access to folder creation via the Files app (e.g., dropbox, documents) but not for projects.

Huhu … Thanks @Simeon it works ! And to create the sub folder I use Working Copy easy … The next question will be, will that work when you export that to Xcode :slight_smile: But I will ask again when I am at that step.

Thanks …

@dlpnet it should work, try to keep your assets in the “Project” asset pack as Documents and Dropbox are not as easy to get working under Xcode exported projects

Just to close the topic, it works just fine on the device, multiple sub folders under Project.