Testing with Xcode and Codea runtime

Does the runtime project (http://github.com/TwoLivesLeft/Codea-Runtime) allow to modify a Codea project’s lua sources and test the result in Xcode iPad simulator before compiling and transfert to a real iPad ?

That is the old runtime. We are wishing and hoping for the source code for the new runtime.

Currently you create an Xcode project by long pressing on a project in the project browser and selecting export, then Codea will create an Xcode project for you that you can try in the simulator or a real device.

Thanks for the info.

Are you sure it can be tested in the simulator too ? I think the runtime translates lua sources into ARM assembly code to run on a real iDevice, but can it do the same with Intel-based processors (iPad simulator in Mac OS X ?)

I ask that because i really need to know, to decide if I will install an OS X virtual machine on my PC to test Codea projects…

Yes, I’m sure, it uses a Lua interpreter. It would be against Apples policy to compile code on the device.