Tabs Slide away

i really hate that the tabs slide away at the top and i have to scroll back up to get them to show up

also everything in “Edit” and " Do" can be in the same menu, no need for two

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The tabs probably slide away to make more room for the editor in landscape mode. Also, I don’t have a problem with Edit and Do being in different menus. It’s all a matter of what you’re used too.

@dave1707 - I have a trivial issue with the drop down menus. You have to action them or select the other for them to disappear. An up arrow or a timer to clear them would be nice.

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@Bri_G seconded; Or just tap on the menu name again….

Good feedback. You want them locked on screen?

@sim I don’t see a problem with them now. Maybe an option to lock or not.

@sim - on the drop down menus issue - if I select the wrong drop down (age related thing) I then tap on the other menu which closes the first and opens the second. Triggering the command on the second drop down produces the required action and closes the drop down so the editing area is clear.

The problem arises when I open the drop down but change my mind, deciding to do something else. In that case the drop down remains open obscuring an area in the editing region.

Tapping the drop down header in the menu bar or adding a close (up arrow) button at the bottom would enable us to go back to the full editing screen without commiting any changes.

@Bri_G If you open the Edit or Do menu and change your mind about selecting something, tapping Edit or Do a second time closes the drop down menu.

the issue for me is when i change tabs to look at code and compare, i have to scroll and that means the code has to move, i’m a visual person so seeing two pieces of code and that they look the same is important to me

an option to lock them would be great

I have to say, it would probably also be possible to minimize them in a way that almost eliminated their impingement on screen real estate but still kept them tappable.

When you scroll they could convert to a teeny tiny font and take up a barely-there strip along the top of the screen, tapping any tab of which would expand them to full size again.

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@dave1707 - oooops, you’re right. My apologies. But, it’s not just an age thing - I have a lot of problems, at times, placing the cursor in code and hitting the Edit or Do buttons is hit and miss with me. I think it’s partially due to the size of my finger tip. After your note, playing around, it took me 3 or 4 times tapping to get the drop down menu to close. Maybe touch capture area could be broadened a little.

i just thought of a funny analogy for this, it’s like having to rub your couch arm to open your front door :joy:

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Just out of curiosity, do you use the iPad software keyboard? Or a hardware keyboard?

@sim For me, I use the builtin keyboard in portrait mode. That gives me plenty of editor space. I also very seldom write anything large, so 98% of the time I only have the Main tab. So whatever you decide isn’t going to affect me much. Do whatever you need that helps the other users that use a lot of tabs.

I use the software “mini” keyboard

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I use the default software keyboard.

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