Tabs named e.g. Shields-04-Sep-2020

My program, when I opened it this morning, has many tabs duplicated with names like above. I’m wondering what that is. My guess is that Working Copy may have done it. But Codea might have?

Advise me, please …


@RonJeffries I loaded your latest Space Invaders zip file and the tab names are normal. They don’t have the date attached to them.

Yes. In my home version, there were dups of all the tabs, Foo and Foo-04-Sep-2020, etc. I wonder if Working Copy did it, or what. I think I had a Files glitch that caused the Working Copy issues I ran into.

Anders confirms that this is a Working Copy thing. If it finds a change made to the files that’s not in Working Copy, it duplicates the tabs in question with a dated name, so that you can sort out what has happened. Better than losing changes.