Sudoku solver

Here is a program I wrote a while ago, but I just re-wrote it to work on the iPad using Codea. This is a program to solve Sudoku puzzles. To set up the starting numbers, select a digit from the row 1-9. Place that digit on the board and continue until you placed all of the starting numbers. If you make a mistake on the board, just press that number to clear it. Once your starting numbers are complete, press START and the program will search for a solution. When a solution is found, the program will pause showing the solution number and the number of tries it made so far. Press the NEXT button to search for the next solution. If the are more solutions, it will pause at each one. If there are no more solutions, it will display DONE with the total solutions and the total tries. Pressing EXIT will take you back to the editor. Pressing PAUSE while the program is running will pause the program. I hope this example will help anyone trying to learn programming. I always found the easiest way to learn is to see how someone else does it and then go from there. I’m more of a C programmer and not C++ so I’m not using the classes the way they should be used. I’m new to Codea and github, so if there are any problems let me know and I’ll try to fix it.


The program is located at

This is a very good example for us beginners. It would be helpful if you can put other programs in this form. Thank you for this example.