Streaming to a tab

It’s possible, I think, to create a long string and save it in a tab. One could use that to produce a report of some kind in Codea, perhaps a table of numbers or who knows what. Maybe the output from one’s unit tests, or a series of high scores.

It would be even nicer if it were possible to stream to a tab with a simple sort of openTab, putStringToTab kind of scheme.

Random idea, worth what you paid for it. :smile:

@RonJeffries Right now you can read the tab, append to it, and save it. Not exactly streaming, but close enough. Don’t know how often someone would do streaming to spend the time changing/updating the code to do that. You could always use the file io code to append to a file.

yes, i thought i’d try the open read save, but it’ll eat string storage. agreed it might not be super popular. there’s file io? i didn’t know that worked. neat, should suffice, sort of. thanks!

Interesting idea, I wonder if we could have a console tab that ties into the print() function, so anything printed from the last run could live in there for reference when you exit the runtime.

yes, that would be about all i would be trying to do.