Stack Trace

Hi ,
Please could we get a Stack Trace when errors are detected, it is very difficult to determine what is going on with a complex application, across multiple files. When trying examples on a PC using Lua and the lovecodea system, errors result in a full stack trace, so it is easy to determine where the calls came from, and trace what is going on. I miss this from Codea on the iPad.


The iPad has some tracing. In Settings, go to General, About, then Diagnostics…

I agree that a stack trace would be really helpful. Even better would be the ability to specify a custom error handler so that I could format the output myself (debug.trace()'s output leaves a lot to be desired).

I am talking about errors in code written in Codea, a stack trace should list all the call references and code line numbers of how the execution of the code reached that point of the error. Codea does point to the line number of the code that fails, but with complex applications there are often many routes through the code to reach that point, this information is vital in determining the root cause of the error.

Agreed. Print statements everywhere are getting cumbersome.