SRC_ and DST_ variables

Hi all, while tinkering around I found a few undocumented variables in the autoComplete bar - DST_ALPHA, DST_COLOR, SRC_ALPHA, SRC_ALPHA_SATURATE, and SRC_COLOR (with the values 772, 774, 770, 776, 768 respectively) - and I am just curious as to what they are for. Does anyone have a clue?

Blendmodes, search for glsl es2.0 Blendmodes or OpenGL Blendmodes. They are very, very useful. I didn’t realise until I was mucking about with them in my drawing app.

Edit: here it’s documented (not on what each one does)

I was feeling helpful so I got you a link to play/experiment with what each mode does. It allows you to choose a DST image and SRC image then add the blending modes accordingly. You don’t have to use DST with SRC and SRC with DST, although it usually works properly if you do…

Thank you for your speedy reply :slight_smile: silly me!

Whoops I forgot the link!

I find that to be the best representation of what I want to the result to be.