Spritely ... But Sprintly?

When i run spritely on my ipad1 on a 32x32 image i get only 3 to 4 fps (when the disply is filled). It is a bit too slow to really work with it. I remember the author wanted to improve the speed, and to rewrite it completely with mesh etc… any news about this great idea?

Because if you havent done anything yet, i may try myself to rework it a little bit: the interface is really nice and i want to be able to use it. I think i will rework the saving too (serialize the imge a bit like gif style, to make the output much more compact). I need a tool to draw icons and embed them in the lua files.

Even I was looking for faster spritely so i tried making mine, its UI isn’t as good yet but it’s working properly atleast for me. Pinch to zoom near the image at the bottom left, and to scroll around keep one finger at the bottom left near the image and use the other finger to scroll. Saving and loading of images happens from Documents not Dropbox and loading might take some time. I’m planning to shift loading to the draw function just like I did with flood fill, let’s see…
Just remove the first line Make Backup in setup, Here’s the code : https://gist.github.com/Saurabh96jun/6478125


Yeah, about once a week I think “you know, I really should go back and fix up Spritely now that Codea is so much more capable than it was in the early days” and then… it never makes it to the top of the priority list. But it will. Some day. Unless one of you beats me to it.

Ok @Mark, thanks for the status. I understand you: once the goal has been reached, the challenge is over, and reworking the code is not very appealing. But for me, your result looks fantastic, and improving it is a real challenge! So i might find the energy for it. I’ll let you know if i do something.