Spritea, a rapid scene generation tool from sprites located in the dropbox folder.

During the last holiday cook off competition I spent most of my time just positioning sprites for each seen. Trying out various x, y combinations is tiresome. For instance Bit needed to be precisely WIDTH/2 + x number of pixels high to look like he was right on top of the cliff.

No more I say! With Spritea, you put the sprites you want to use in the dropbox folder. Launch Spritea and then you can choose the sprite and drag it to right where you want it. Do this for the clouds, cliff, main character and then export the code. That’s right Spritea will generate the code for you, so you don’t have to figure out the numbers. Use two fingers to resize the sprites and make them bigger or smaller.

The code is here:

It should also be showing up on the Codea Community soon, but I have not seen it show up in the list yet.

I’ll post some screenshots and/or a youtube video later, once I figure out how to record video of the parameters part of the screen.

The name Spritea is shamelessly stole from the name Codea. Sprite + Idea = Spritea.

@MrScience101, nice! Only problem I have is that the parameters is not ideal, especially with lots of sprites in the Dropbox folder.

ah, does it lag it up a bit? I only have about 50 in there. What would be a better option?

@MeScience101 I’m currently working on a sprite picker, which should work for every folder, so dropbox, documents, and all the sprite packs

But if you want I could make you a dropbox-only version…?

@stevon8ter, no need. If yours does them all that’s way better than Dropbox only. Looking forward to seeing your sprite picker!

@MrScience101 it could take a while tho, if you look at how long it took me to finish my color picker… xD

But I’ll try to finish it asap, this should normally be easyer than the color picker

Let’s see if I can post youtube videos correctly:

The video shows how I have to create a ‘temp’ project to export the code to since Codea does not yet let you create projects programmatically.

After creating the temp project, then I start Spritea and create my scene and export it to the ‘temp’ project.

Lastly, I start the ‘temp’ project and show how it looks just like it was designed in Spritea.


there we go.

@MrScience101 very nice, but you can also save it to a tab in spritea, and let the user copy it of it’s own

But this is good as it is :wink:

@stevon8ter that’s brilliant! I didn’t even think of it. It could literally make tabs like scene1, scene2 etc and then the user could just copy them to a real game.

Also, you could print out the code which can be copied from there, or put it in a parameter.text() box for selection…

That’s a great project @MrScience101. Looks like it has turned out well.

A visual “map” builder is something I’ve wanted to put into Codea for a long time (and eventually I will).

@Simeon thank you.

@skythecoder, that is a neat idea. I could make a bare bones one that just displayed the sprite function needed to draw the sprite. How do you copy and paste text from the output window? I didn’t think that was possible.

@MrScience I believe you can long press on a message printed out and it will be copied (no message). Haven’t tried it, though.

My god, a fully featured visual editor would be just… Something else. I’d happily pay extra via IAP for that.

I really hate to ressurect this thread, but the link to this code no longer works! :(( Can someone share the code if they still have it?

I have a copy of it. I have done nothing with it since I first finished writing it. I am not sure how to upload it here now. Let me see if I can figure it out.

Let’s see. I have a wireless webserver that is up and sometimes it is not. Try to download the code from here (case sensitive):

When you extract it, it will have the lua files in text format. You will need to name each tab exactly like the filename in order for it to work. Create a project named ‘Spritea’ and then name each tab like the file names. Then copy the contents of the files into the tabs.

If you know of an easier way to share the code, let me know and I’ll try to do it that way. A long time ago I uploaded it to the codea community which was really neat, but I don’t know if it is still up and running or not.

Good luck.

@MrScience101 - a github link should be ok

alright. After fighting with it a bit I think I finally got it to upload: